Maximum performance increase through AI Tuning

You want to benefit from maximum added performance to your vehicle?

Our high-end device in the field of tuning makes exactly that possible.


First of all, it should be mentioned that there are different approaches to this topic.


On the one hand, there is the possibility to positively influence the engine performance of a vehicle through direct intervention in the engine control. In this context, there is often talk of so-called OBD tuning.


Another option is to bring about the electronic performance enhancement via an additional control unit, the performance enhancement offered by Maxchip. Here, unlike OBD tuning, no direct intervention is made, but by means of additional equipment – a so-called chipbox – the optimization possibilities of your vehicle exhausted.

What happens with our Smart Dynamic Adjustment?

Our trained employees have decades of experience in the industry and incorporate this into the development of the chipbox. By means of additional equipment, corresponding signals are passed on to the control unit, resulting in individual adjustments of various factors such as the boost pressure or the injection angle. The result is a power increase of up to 35%, significantly improved acceleration, and possibly a slight plus in top speed.


Artificial Intelligence

Our claim is to be one of the leading chip tuners in terms of innovation and development . We have driven this project for many years, focusing specifically on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) in terms of performance enhancement.

Many of us grew up hearing about a car like K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider. We cannot offer complex entertainment with our boxtuning, but after the installation of our products a push of a button is enough to benefit from additional power.

Our chips are already so “intelligent” that they can adapt perfectly to your vehicle without manual programming. For you as a customer, this means: plug in the chip box and enjoy immediate driving pleasure.

A vehicle change is imminent
With Maxchip no problem!

Every vehicle sooner or later has a expiration date. Of course, it would be a double shame if the additional performance enhancement was lost along with the car. But don’t worry: Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can use our box directly for your next vehicle in a simple and uncomplicated way. Simply plug into the new vehicle and the driving fun can continue unabated.

And the best: You do not have to accept additional costs for new products or reprogramming. You buy our box ONCE and can use this henceforth unlimited for almost any other vehicle.

with matching
cable system - INCLUDED.

So that you can continue to use the performance upgrade without much delay directly on your new vehicle, you get from a complete cable system for the ordered drive class free of charge. So if you have chosen a diesel performance upgrade from Maxchip, you can use our box accordingly for all other available diesel vehicles. If you want to change from a diesel vehicle to a gasoline engine – or vice versa – you can contact our customer service. There you can order an additional cable system for the desired drive class for a small additional charge.

KI POWER INCREASE optimizes fuel consumption.

With our Ultra Chip, you as our customer also have the option of installing the Maxchip app on your smartphone and benefiting from a range of further fine-tuning options.

Among other things, you can choose between the three driving modes ECO, Sport and Race.

When you select the Eco tuning mode in the app, our artificial intelligence kicks in once again.The box independently finds the correct setting in this mode to enable you to fuel consumption. Of course, however, one’s own driving behaviour also plays a certain role. Who is on the way with its vehicle in the Eco mode, should be endeavoured to switch with as small numbers of revolutions as possible into the next-higher course.

The Sport mode provides a significantly improved driving feel in the curves, while you can also get the last per cent of additional performance increase out of your engine with the Race mode.

Performance enhancement easy to install / remove yourself

Our box not only shines with its high-tech development, but is equally perfectly matched to the needs and requirements of our customers. Therefore, our trained professionals have created a product that you can also assemble on your car without any expertise or special tools. Simple standard tools are absolutely sufficient for chiptuning installation. In addition, each of you made order also includes a detailed and pictorially described step-by-step instructions, which makes the installation possible with a few simple steps in about 5-10 minutes.

Our tuning boxes meet the highest standard, so you will not be able to imagine a ride without our additional power provided.

If you still want to remove the performance upgrade, for example, to mount it on a new vehicle, the removal can also be done in a few minutes. To do this, simply use our step-by-step instructions in reverse order.

Motorgarantie Icon

Maxchip engine tuning -
guarantee on the increase in performance.

Only the best for our customers. Our products are 100% made in Germany and meet all essential safety criteria. Therefore, it is a matter of course for us to provide our customers with an additional engine warranty on the engine and all associated engine parts with every purchase of our performance upgrade. For exact details you can read more about our Maxchip engine warranty here.


The most important questions around the topic of performance enhancement:

No, because we pay meticulous attention to compliance with all tolerance limits in our tuning measures, there is no damage to your vehicle. The life of your vehicle and all components takes by the installation of our products no negative impact.

Yes, we can offer our chip tuning for new as well as used cars. To do this, please look in our extensive vehicle database and select the product that suits you. If you do not find your model there, please contact our customer service. Please note: For vehicles over 200,000 kilometers on the odometer reading, we can unfortunately not offer you an included engine warranty.

Yes, we recommend every customer before using our products to make a registration. Otherwise, the operating license expires and you must expect a severe penalty.

No. Our products can be installed even without expert knowledge and without the use of special tools. For this purpose, we enclose step by step instructions. In addition, you can get more installation pictures or videos from us on request.

Yes. Already in the low-speed range, you will enjoy better dynamics of the engine. Even with short-term acceleration is a clearly noticeable difference compared to the standard condition.

No, this is not necessary. The maintenance intervals for your vehicle do not change by the chip box installation.

No. Even with full use of the extra power on your vehicle, the oil temperature rises by a maximum of 2-3 degrees, making the installation of an oil cooler unnecessary.