Maxchip engine warranty


With the Maxchip engine warranty, you no longer need to worry about your engine and its components with a chip tuning from our company. With our tuning, we do not exceed the existing engine reserves, which makes damage to the engine already extremely unlikely. If in exceptional cases, damage does occur, our warranty comes into force and you will be replaced.

Engine warranties for each product

Independent on which of our Maxchip products you choose, we offer an additional engine warranty for each. Thereby the conditions are slightly different depending on the product. Below is a brief overview of :

Maxchip Basic: One-year engine warranty up to 3,000 euros

Maxchip Race: One-year engine warranty up to 5,000 euros

Maxchip Ultra: Two-year engine warranty up to 10,000 euros Without deductible

Maxchip engine warranty even with
expired manufacturer's warranty.

We can also offer our engine warranties for vehicles that are no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Even if this expires in the next few weeks or months, this has no negative impact on the warranty we issue. The conditions for our Maxchip Motor warranty is 100% transparent.

Vehicles that were built in 2015 or later and have a mileage of less than 100,000 kilometers meet the conditions for our warranty. Negative surprises are therefore absent, because they can determine through the clear requirements even before buying one of our products, whether a warranty would apply to your vehicle.

For all three products: There is no self-involvement on the part of the customer. A small example: you ordered a Maxchip Race from us and after 9 months there was damage to the engine block caused by our product. Its replacement costs about 2,000 euros. There are no costs for you as a customer and the engine warranty covers the full damage in the amount of 2,000 euros. If the repair costs in this case amount to 5,080 euros, for example, 5,000 euros are covered and the customer pays only 80 euros.

What parts are covered by the engine warranty?

Maxchip’s engine warranty covers any damage proven to have been caused by one of our products and either directly affecting the engine or one of its components.

The following engine parts are protected:

Intake manifold

Drive shaft

All internal parts connected with the oil circuit

Gearbox (with the exception of the clutch and clutch parts)

Cardan shafts and cardan shaft bearings


Crankshaft housing, crankshaft gear and crankshaft

Engine block

Valves and valve guide

Cylinder head


Oil pan

Connecting rod




Engine warranty exclusions

Please note that our engine warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear of the engine components or damage that is not demonstrably caused by our products.

After expiration of the warranty for the product you purchased, the warranty claim expires. An extension is currently not provided by us and can be purchased.

Vehicles that have more than 100,000 kilometres on the speedometer are also excluded from our engine warranty.

Damage caused by an accident is also not covered by the engine warranty.


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