Functionexpansion and installation

You need installation instructions for your vehicle? Just contact us.

You don’t need to have a technical education, be a trained mechanic or buy half the hardware store empty. All you need for your chiptuning installation are a few minutes of time, the product you purchased and the instructions provided by us. Then our chip tuning box is also already ready for use and you can benefit from additional power.


Chiptuning installation and removal

possible with a few simple steps

The same applies of course to the reverse case. Say, if you want to remove the Chiptuning before a visit to the workshop or the sale of your car again. Here we distinguish between two different types.

The short-term restoration of the series condition:
Ideal, for example, if your vehicle is to be checked more closely in the workshop. With our deactivation plug you ensure that when reading out the data the values are output in the series condition.

Complete removal of our tuning products:
If you want the complete dismantling of our product, take for this again our supplied installation instructions to hand. The procedure is exactly the same, with the difference that this time you start at the last step and stop with the first step of the instructions.

Even with the complete removal, your vehicle is permanently back in stock condition. So you do not need to worry that with a diagnostic device can be read out that in your vehicle would ever have been installed chip tuning.

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Frequently asked questions and answers

No, provided you follow our step-by-step installation instructions exactly, your engine will not be damaged.

It could hardly be simpler. You proceed in reverse order to the installation. The best way to do this is to use our installation instructions again and start with the last step and then work your way forward step by step.

It is practically already sufficient to simply remove the chip from its slot and attach the dummy connector to the wiring harness.
From this point, your vehicle is also fully back in series condition.

Do not try to force the plug, otherwise, you risk damaging it. Instead, contact the customer service directly. There you will be helped accordingly.

The exact cause cannot be determined across the board. If you feel you have done everything according to instructions, such a problem should not exist. Gladly our technical customer service will help you and go through the possible causes with you.

Yes. If you have made the complete removal, your vehicle is back in series mode. There is no difference to the state before the installation recognizable and ascertainable.

A corresponding performance increase as you are made by Maxchip, the additional box does not provide any tangible evidence of a performance increase actually made, but only a corresponding indication. Therefore, the chip tuning by means of chip tuning box is also compared to other tuning products in the advantage.

With alternative tuning options is namely, on the one hand, a great effort to restore the series condition or can be determined by a change in the control software of the engine visible evidence of increased performance.

The attachment of the connector to the sensor is done by a simple lock, which can be easily released. Of course, we are always available for open questions. To save you possibly contacting our support, we have taken the liberty below to answer in detail the most frequently asked questions on the subject of chip tuning installation.

No, our products are designed so that they can be installed by anyone from business students to chimney sweeps in just a few simple steps. In addition, our products are always accompanied by step-by-step installation instructions that you need to follow. If you still have a question about this topic, our customer service will be happy to provide you with the relevant information.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy expensive tools for the installation first, because it works without any problems and without special tools. However, on a few models it is necessary to dismantle the air filter box before installation so that the sensors are exposed. If this is the case with your vehicle, this is indicated accordingly in the installation instructions. In addition, our customer service will be happy to help you here as well.

If you face a problem with the installation despite the available installation instructions, please contact our customer support. He will be happy to give you information by e-mail or telephone on how to proceed. You are also welcome to send us a photo of your engine by e-mail. One of our employees will then mark for you the appropriate places where you need to plug in your chiptuning box.

Something like this should not happen, of course. If an order goes out without installation instructions, please contact our customer service immediately. This will gladly send you directly the appropriate installation instructions by e-mail or help you by phone during installation.

Yes, please contact our customer service for this. They will be happy to send you more installation images via email upon request. Regarding suitable videos, please have a look at our Maxchip YouTube channel.

No, there is only an optical difference between the individual plugs for you. Despite the different appearance, a connection is possible without any problems. Also at the functionality, no difference can be seen, because we attach great importance to a high quality with our plugs.

The cause here is to be found in the different connections within a series. This can lead in exceptional cases to the fact that the supplied plug does not fit your vehicle. In this case, please notify our technical customer service, which will immediately arrange the exchange of the plug.

Since in some workshops in the context of a service check also relevant data from the vehicle can be read out, we suggest our customers before the workshop visit the complete removal of our Maxchip modules.

The technology used by us has the advantage over OBD tuning that only an indication would be detected. With the complete removal of our chip tuning product, however, you restore the complete series condition, whereby it can come in the workshop to no abnormalities in any readout values.

Other than that, there is nothing else for you to consider before a workshop visit since no relevant changes are made to the system.