Professional ChipTuning Tuner from Munich!

We have our hearts in our hands and petrol in our blood! For the love of horsepower!

We are constantly working
on our chiptuning products

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Our products guarantee maximum performance for your car.

We love fast and powerful cars at least as much as our customers. That’s why our young and ambitious team strives day after day at our two locations in Austria and Germany to further expand the individual performance enhancement for your car.

We believe that standing still means taking a step backwards. With us, every new car is put through its paces directly in order to be able to deliver you the best possible result with our Professional Chiptuning Tuner.

Same vehicle

- Completely new driving experience

If you want to feel a completely new driving sensation on the roads that mean the world, you don’t necessarily need a new car. Our tuning boxes can be completely customised to you and your vehicle in many small details.

We want to make every customer a happy customer thanks to our chip tuning. The increasing number of satisfied Maxchip customers is no reason for us to rest. On the contrary: we see it as an additional motivation to be a pioneer in terms of dynamics, innovation and driving pleasure and to always keep our products technically up to date.

The advantages of MaxChip at a glance

Your extra horsepower drives us

Our constantly growing team of car and tuning maniacs is at the cutting edge of development for you every day in terms of chip tuning and provide your vehicle with a maximum of additional performance enhancement. In addition to this maximum performance, reliability, professionalism, customer safety and customer satisfaction are also cornerstones of our company.